A message from my guides.

An initial spark for you.

Every challenge in your life has a message for you and influences your life.

The art is to find out what this is all about.

I channel this message for you so that you can make the right decisions.


Do you wonder why you ...

… feel slowed down and trapped in an endless loop?

… haven’t been where you want to be for years?

… put off issues instead of tackling them?

…  feel inferior to some people?

… are blocked in certain situations?

… feel like you’re always running into a wall?



I will show you the true connections that are behind your inner brakes.

With the help of my spiritual guides, I will look from a higher point of view on your inner hurdles.

With this knowledge you can react differently to how you reacted before.

You can make decisions that will move you forward.

This enables you to feel and experience a real initial ignition and you can finally follow the desire of your soul.

Channeled Sessions

If you are looking for a psychic to predict your future, I am not the right support for you.
If you want to change your future, I can support you.

Quick Check

30-45 minutes

138 $
incl. vat.

Single Session

60-90 minutes

258 $
incl. vat.

3 hour package

180 minutes

750 $
incl. vat.

each session lasts one hour and will be recorded.
You book your session first and pay later.

The messages of my spiritual helpers are not always pleasant, but healing and transformative.
A wonderful process starts in you, in which change and renewal take place.

What customers say about me

Angélique, you are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Through you I had many wonderful insights. You were and are the trigger for smaller and also bigger changes of direction in my life, for which I am infinitely grateful to you.

I don’t know anyone who could hold a candle to you in your field. You combine logic, competence, empathy, wisdom, drive, and the strong will to offer your counterpart the added value he or she desires with your incomparable charm and your lively humor. This creates a space where both can meet at eye level and find solutions together.

Not to forget your connection to the spiritual world. Because the quality of your channelings is unique, so detailed and precise, so full of wisdom and truth, which of course can be uncomfortable at times.

So if I had to describe you in one term, I would lovingly call you “all-in one solution suitable for every purpose. Thank you for your being and your work.

Marion Meyer

Dear Angélique, without much detour and preliminaries you bring things to the point, which could not be more accurate.

The resulting insights are more than worth their weight in gold, provided you know how to take them.

What can I say? Every single minute of exchange with you is immensely enriching. Thank you for that.

Michael Hahn

Dear Angelique, I actually woke up to my issue. It was really a real aha experience for me. Through your information I am clearer, feel more unburdened and I have regained a bit more inner freedom as a result.

The image we worked with has a lasting effect. Another saying came to my mind about this: “Get out of old shoes.” And for me: not in them at all! How cool!

Thank you so much with warmest “In my shoe rack is again a lot of space” greetings.

Bianca Nather

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