Be shaken up

Successful and unhappy

I was treading water for years, no matter how much fuss I made. I toiled as a management consultant, trainer, coach, author, speaker and lecturer, made my business and still felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. Money was there, fulfillment was not. I was successful and unhappy.

At the same time, I felt untidy on the inside and compensated for that on the outside. I tried to create structure and order on the outside, but the disorder was inside me. For years I was only busy on the outside, without finding inner peace. I didn’t realize what I could really help people with and how I could feel full of strength and joy at the same time. I was successful and tired.

I realized that I was pretending that the problem inside me was not there. I was running away from myself, from “difficult” people and from situations by orienting myself back to the outside. Unfortunately, that didn’t help at all. There was no change. On the contrary, they came back like a boomerang. The further I pushed them away, the more intrusive they were back.

Clearvoyance or intellect?

Throughout my life I have always been very intuitive, yet I “sold” myself to the outside world as a consultant with strong female intuition, and I wasn’t honest with myself for years because I was afraid of being dismissed as a weirdo or put in the “eso drawer” with my very fine intuition.

I didn’t see a way to change professionally without having to give up everything I had. And I also didn’t know how I could have shown myself with my clairvoyance as a lecturer of a university or trainer of a very well-known educational provider.

Like a cat, I’ve been beating around the bush for years. I kept getting into the same situations and kept meeting the same type of person. Yet the solution was handed to me on a silver platter for years. I didn’t realize what learning opportunities other people and situations offered me for my development. And that therein lies my talent, my joy and also my fulfillment.

I was so busy trying to find someone who knew it for me or changed it for me. I signed up for seminars and read books to find something again on the outside that I could only find on the inside: Clarity and peace.

The penny drops

Then I realized that getting upset about it doesn’t help me, but first accepting that it is so. Anger, resentment, sadness and all the other negative emotions couldn’t change anything for the better in me, only for the worse. And running away didn’t work either. The logical consequence was that I questioned my view on different situations and people, but failed in the logical approach. I didn’t come to any meaningful conclusion for myself.

Then I started getting quiet inside about the issues and shutting my mind off. I sought help from spiritual teachers who understood my problem and helped me along the way. I wanted to understand why these things were happening. More and more often I had very clear images and impulses inside me. It was about not feeling bothered by problems or people and running away from them, but seeing them as learning opportunities for me. And I was shown my learning opportunities in the silence in the form of impulses, images or sentences and also used them.

When I was grateful for the experience, he was also there: my wake-up shaker! I knew, suddenly with which gift I can really help people. If I can help myself in this way, then I can use it to help others. Empower Your Soul was born.

The higher perspective

My talent is to support people in their expansion of consciousness and to look at existing situations and difficult relationships as learning opportunities. It’s not about higher, faster and further. It is about the learning experience that is hidden in it for our lives.

Many people wake up in the morning and say, “I hope nothing happens to me today!” Few people get up in the morning and say, “Hopefully, many people will hold up a mirror to me today. Hopefully a lot will happen today.” This mindset provides tremendous turbo for real transformation that is sustainable. Gratitude for the experience is the key to expanding one’s consciousness and living fear free. These connections are not, however, so easy to make for everyone.

Being very intuitive, I have found that in silence I can look at my own and other people’s problems with my spiritual helpers from a higher vantage point. To do this, I mentally go to a higher vibrational level and view the issue from there.

By simply remaining silent myself and waiting to see what images and impulses arise in me. By asking my helpers questions until a holistic picture emerges in me. I share this picture with my client so that he can recognize and perceive his learning and development opportunity. That is why I do not work with a certain technique or tool. I am simply the messenger of the soul sending us messages so that we can understand our learning opportunity.

You already have the best coaches in your environment. People or situations that annoy you, that count you out or make your life miserable. If you understand what message they have for you and your development, you give yourself the chance to come back to yourself and develop yourself.

I can intuitively grasp what issue is behind the problems of a relationship or a situation. But the answers I get are not always comfortable. And if we are completely honest with ourselves, we don’t always want to hear them either. But they show us the way to inner growth.