Learning letting go

Not being able to avoid.

2018 was a tough year and also a beautiful one, which is burned into my life for all time. In 2018 I lost and buried an animal in June, July and November.

In November, the last one we had to let go was Tilly. She had been sick with cancer since January of this year and knew she would not recover from this diagnosis. This incredible fighter, at almost 15 years of age, relaxed and gave the middle finger to all the vets, animal healers and physiotherapists with a list of illnesses longer than the list of defects at the new Berlin airport. She got herself up last year 6!!! Times up again, where already everyone said that it is now over with her.

I carried her where she could no longer get up. Only to find she could do it again the next day without my help.

I cleaned up her vomit because her stomach couldn’t take any more. Only to see that she ate double the amount the next day full of appetite.

The inevitable

A stroke put her out of commission. I’m sure she held up her middle finger to this one first, too. But it didn’t work anymore. I wasn’t as sad as I expected to be. Because I enjoyed EVERY SECOND with her all year like it was our last second.

We found places we’d never been before during that time, ate things we’d never tried before, and cuddled like there was no tomorrow. And then one day there was no tomorrow either.

What I learned from her was far more important than any coach could have taught me for a lot of money: To live in the moment. For that I will always be grateful. Therefore, let us raise our cups full of joy, love and pride WITHOUT MISTAKE for all people and animals who often have so much more wisdom than we do.


In every situation, no matter how difficult, there is a learning opportunity for your life and for you in it. Do not try to run away from these situations, because they come back in a modified form. Run towards them, look them in the eye and think about the opportunity they offer you.

Even every situation, no matter how tricky, has an aspect that consciously brings you further in spiritual development and lets you grow. It doesn’t always have to be a death that pulls the rug out from under you. You can practice letting go every day! Bad habits are enough for this. But we often don’t want to let go of them either, even though we would like to let go of them so much. What do you really want to let go of, if you’re honest with yourself?

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