My initial call

Successful and unhappy

I was employed and firmly in the saddle as a management consultant in a consulting firm. Important meeting here, flight to XY with a great hotel. Always on the move. There were times when I woke up in the morning and had to think first: Where am I? In which hotel? In which city? What day of the week is it today? Which client am I with? And what project do I have there? I functioned flawlessly and was heavily drilled in logic and reason.

My life was rippling along; my bank account was complete. But this intense emptiness, this desire to change something, was inside me. I needed clarity about where my journey should take me. But sometimes, things happen in life that you just don’t expect—that life takes control away from a control freak!


I visited my grandma Rosina in hospital and sat down in the chair next to her bed. We looked at each other and knew immediately that today would be the last time we would see each other without words. Then, somehow, a conversation began on two levels. On one level, we talked like grandma and grandson. A conversation like thousands of times in hospitals between grandmothers and grandchildren. Conversely, we said goodbye without words because words weren’t unnecessary. Only feelings were important. I didn’t understand what was happening between her and me and thought I had imagined it. So, I switched to mind mode and started my business trip.

The morning after that changed everything in my life. I suddenly woke up at 6:27 a.m. in my hotel room without an alarm clock and saw my grandma standing at the foot of my bed on the left. She was kind of ethereal but in her hospital pajamas. She said, “I have to go now, and I want to say goodbye to you. I love you, and we will meet again one day. You don’t need to be afraid.” I was shocked and didn’t understand what had happened.

A rollercoaster ride

The weeks and months after her death was difficult for me. I felt her all the time, heard, smelled, and felt her. She was always right behind me, so I would turn around in the street because I was sure she was behind me. I was so confused that I was convinced I was insane. But then, miraculously, a book that a medium had written about contact with the deceased fell into my hands.
I had a dormant spiritual gift that apparently became active when my grandmother died. But I was overwhelmed by the gift and the responsibility that came with it and let my mind overgrow it. I didn’t know or suspect what I should or could do with it in this life.

Many curves

I spent years trying to reconcile both. But there were these nagging questions: Who am I? Am I a spiritual medium? Or am I a business consultant? Or am I both? This is exactly where I got stuck for years. My old path no longer worked; the new path needed to be visible. My masks and patterns paralyzed me so much that I was trapped inside myself.
That’s why I know what hurdles in life feel like with every cell in my body. When you have no confidence in yourself. Having no idea which direction to go in. I was stagnating inside because you don’t know how to change it. How many times have I gone backward instead of forwards? How often have I pushed away this talent inside me instead of embracing it and making something of it? How many times have I been paralyzed by fear of what others would think if I showed myself for who I am?

Clairvoyance meets understanding

It took me so many years to understand who I am: a midwife for adults. I help people ask themselves questions they might never ask themselves so they can courageously come out of their cocoons and carry the light-filled voice of their soul into this world by doing what is their purpose and just being themselves. Today, I support people in quickly transforming old, deep-rooted patterns in a life-changing way. With my method, I bring them into new states of consciousness that enable them to solve deep-seated problems. They have excellent “aha” moments and redesign their lives from a different perspective. They truly live their lives, and their vision of a fulfilled life becomes a reality.
I am a midwife for adults, helping them reach deep realizations, create clear visions, and powerfully take new paths. With my guidance, people ask themselves questions they would never ask themselves so that they can consciously and truthfully bring their light-filled voices into this world.

Are you ready to rediscover yourself?