“When we start living our destiny,
our souls start rolling out the red carpet for us.”

Angélique Morio

Video with Angélique

Imagine a world where we, as empowered women in the second phase of our lives, tap into our natural predispositions.

Let us recognize the energetic signature within us, embracing the unity of our minds, hearts, and souls.

By doing so, we unfurl a vibrant tapestry of endless opportunities in both our personal and professional lives. Welcome to “Empower Your Soul,” where your journey begins.

Our Contribution to the World

We uncover hidden potentials, bringing them through inner wisdom, clarity and radicality, enabling women 40+ to rediscover meaning in their actions and navigate their path with self-determined direction.

The Team


Founder Angélique Morio

Angélique is fascinated by people. She has been a trainer, coach, mentor, speaker, author, and management consultant focused on HR development for over 30 years.

When her grandmother died, a clairvoyant part spilled to the surface.

With her spiritual abilities and consulting experience, she is our all-in-one solution when people need support on their transformation path.

Her superpower: Helping women to find coherent solutions.

Co-founder Roland Jürgens

Roland has been working in marketing, product management, and communication for over 20 years.

He is our Jack of all trades when it comes to strategy, logic, analytics, marketing and IT.

With his affectionate personality, he is the grounding force in our company that keeps us also focused on business basics.

His superpower: Finding the devil in the details.


Kelly Hanegraaf

Kelly has been traveling worldwide for over a decade, perfecting her abilities to communicate with and support people where language might be a barrier.

She is our go-to person when defining concepts and perfecting the language to ensure the message and language are clear.

With her unbelievable creativity, she is the perfect counterpart to creating visual and audio for us.

Her superpower: Transforming ideas into perfect words.


Poldi is our feelgood concepts developer. His interesting background gives him the ability to look at things from unusual and playful angles.

He makes sure that we are all in tune with our minds and souls by ensuring that we take moments to breathe and laugh which keeps our vibration high.

His superpower: Bringing out the child within.


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